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Bangkok Bistro
580 N. Rengstroff Ave. Suite J
Mountain View, CA 94043

Lunch: 11AM – 2:30PM  Mon – Sat
Dinner: 5PM – 9PM  Mon – Sat

About Us

Bangkok Bistro

The owner of Bangkok Bistro, Phrommet “Lek” Phromthong, is known for his prolific restaurant experience. Phrommet began his career with a small restaurant located in the city of Chicago. He eventually expanded his business and received recognition for his restaurant’s superior cuisine which was voted Ann Arbor, Michigan’s restaurant of the year in 1993 by the Detroit Free Press Newspaper, and also became the first Thai restaurant in the area to be awarded 4 stars. In 1999, he went on to open Thai Bistro, in Denver, Colorado, which gained more accolades, as his authentic Thai cuisine was praised for being “To die for” (The Gabby Gourmet) and “Well worth the trip” (Denver Post). Bangkok Bistro’s traditional family recipes were originally passed down from Phrommet’s mother, a woman with 30 years of authentic Thai cooking background.

These traditional Thai recipes continue to dazzle the taste buds of Bangkok Bistro’s customers. In 2012, Phrommet opened Bangkok Bistro in Mountain View, California, and the restaurant quickly became of one of Silicon Valley’s hot spots for Thai cuisine due to its authenticity, use of fresh high quality ingredients, and the owner’s unique talent for bringing delicious flair to traditional Thai recipes. Lek also adds a unique twist of originality by integrating some Chinese spices and influences, all while maintaining the authenticity of his popular Thai recipes.

Bangkok Bistro offers delicious Thai meals in a relaxed atmosphere. For a casual lunch with friends and family or an informal dinner, come to Bangkok Bistro and get to know the quality of food that can only come from experience.

About Our Thai Food

Our food provides a healthy alternative to the traditional American diet. Fresh ingredients are quickly cooked to preserve their nutrients and delicate flavors. Authentic Thai recipes call upon a great variety of traditional and exotic herbs and spices to create the unmistakable Thai flavor now savored by so many in this country. These spices, however, do not have to be hot.

Chili peppers are often added to Thai recipes to enhance the enjoyment of their complex flavors. This produces a burning sensation. We invite you to experiment by selecting the level of strength that is right for you. Please note that some dishes (especially those with curry) are naturally hot and will have that “special zing” even at the mild level.

Spice Levels:

Mild: No chili pepper added
Medium: A comfortable burn
Hot: Ask for a pitcher of water before you begin
Extra Hot: Extremely hot
Thai Hot: For seasoned professionals only


580 N. Rengstorff Ave., Suite J
Mountain View, CA, 94043


Voice: 650-964-3300
Fax: 650-964-7700

Business Hours:

Lunch Monday- Saturday
11:00am- 2:30pm

Dinner Monday- Saturday
5:00pm- 9:00pm

Saturday we serve dinner menu only

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